Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's getting Hot in here! Molly checks out The Firehouse..

This week we decided to turn up the heat a little, so we headed out to The Firehouse in Sunnyvale.

The Place:   111 S Murphy Ave. Sunnyvale, CA 94086

The Hours:    Monday - Friday  4:00pm-7:00pm

Bang for your Buck:  $3 pints or $12 Pitchers, $4 well drinks and $5 appetizers

The Digs:  Large two story building, with a large bar area and large outdoor patio

The Crew: Molly, Mr. "M" and DJ FeLNLove

We arrived at 5:00 on the dot and was immediately pleased that this place was large. We sat down at table near the bar. However, as we found a table, we noticed it was slightly empty, but this would all change later. They have large giant flat panel TVs everywhere, playing every single sport imaginable. Definitely a great place to catch a game.

 As we found the Happy Hour menu we nearly did somersaults...$12 dollar pints?? Yes! We ordered one of those, buffalo wings, and mozzarella sticks.

As it turns out Lolly is actually from Buffalo NY, so who better to critique Buffalo wings than her?

Lolly:      The actual wing, as in the chicken was great. The sauce? Not so much. I don't know what it is with places other than Buffalo and Buffalo wings. Yes, it should be spicy but it should also be flavorful and saucy. What's with dry wings? Also, blue cheese is a staple with Buffalo wings, not ranch. It's also a sauce, not a dressing so it should be chunky. Fail on the Buffalo wings.  
MonicaI have a low tolerance for spice, so the fact that I don't find these spicy at all may be a problem for some. For me? They are alright
Mr. "M":  Doesn't say much just nods in agreement 

Next were the mozzarella sticks:

Lolly:   These were quite tasty. My only gripe is they don't come with a lot of sauce. I love my sauce!.  
Monica: This is one of those things that you can't really mess up for me, I agree they are good. 

It's about 5:45 when DJ FelNLove joins our party. We notice that the place has picked up quite a bit. Most tables are now occupied and the bar is filling up. 

Our celebrity guest "Felicia" as we call her, hasn't seen us in a while and so there was lots to catch up on. She ordered the Ceviche which she found pretty good. It was quite appropriate that the beer banter for the day revolved around LOVE...and the ultimate question of whether relationships were meant to last forever?

Appropriately, this came up...

Monica:  Do you think Kris Humprhies looks at Kayne with Envy or Pity?
Lolly:   Hard to say without knowing the dude, but I say pity. Only because I pity anyone who has to deal with those Crazy K's! Except Khloe, she's my home girl ;)

Lolly:  On that note … How much does a person's family affect your dating them? I mean… if you're really into someone but their family doesn't like you, is that a big issue?
Monica: Only if your a Kardashian, or a Spears, or a Lohan…speaking of what is going on with Lindsay Lohan's face? I feel like she got the crap kicked out of her but the swelling in her face never went down.

Lolly:  Oh Lilo. I don't know, I always hold out hope for that girl.
Monica: Just don't hold your breath...

HOT Factor: On a scale of 5? Smokin'! The waitresses here wear teeny tiny plaid school girl skirts and Lolly and I will never say this is a bad outfit choice ;) More importantly, they are all pretty. Our waitress Jasmine was a tall drink of water and her friends weren't bad either. ( NO girl on girl hate here, we call it like it is ) Think of firehouse as a slight step up from your local hooters. We'll take school house rock over orange shorts any day. 

The Verdict:  Molly gives The Firehouse 4 beers out of 5. We Would absolutely come here again! Not only was the atmosphere great, the waitresses were cute, the food was decent, the crowd was good, and they had good beer brewed in house.  On top of all that we had 3 pitchers of beer, 3 appetizers and the bill was only $54 between 4 people! That's just amaze balls!  

Join us today as we hit up the Old Pro in Palo Alto....

See you at Happy Hour, 
Your GirlS about Town

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